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About Us

Located in Geneva, Switzerland, our foundation is committed to transforming gold's role in today's economy. We introduce Digital Green Gold, a paradigm shift in how society values gold, harmonizing environmental care with social responsibility, and liberating gold's timeless status as the world's natural universal currency.


Digital green gold comprises certified gold resources, whose value is unlocked through ESG-friendly mining, advanced tokenization, and monetization within a tightly regulated, inflation-free ecosystem integrated with the global financial community. This innovative approach enables certified gold to maintain its traditional role while remaining undisturbed in its natural environment. Adhering to geological and financial industry standards, it provides an alternative to traditional mining practices that are environmentally and socially detrimental and financially burdensome.


The International Green Gold Council leads the way in pioneering the digital green gold industry. We develop legislative policies, set guidelines for industry participants, and promote practices for a robust worldwide digital green gold market. Our mission is to liberate Mother Nature's golden money offering and lobby for a sustainable and just monetary system for all.

Our Core Pillars

The International Green Gold Council was founded in 2024 by OroEx Corp., the world's first Green Gold Tokenizer, along with a diverse group of planet-conscious individuals.


Our mission is structured around four core pillars, aimed at creating a vibrant global digital green gold market for the benefit of our sponsoring members and all stakeholders.


  • Promoting green gold policy legislation globally for governments.

  • Advocating the value proposition of digital green gold for investors.

  • Developing policies and standards for Digital Green Gold Miners.

  • Formulating policies and standards for Green Gold Tokenizers.

Leadership Team

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