Green Gold is an economic development strategy designed to create sustainable development, meaningful jobs, a better environment and a prosperous local economy.

The Green Gold Strategy offers Buffalo the opportunity for economic and environmental revitalization by favoring sustainable approaches to brownfield redevelopment, building design and industry.

They plan to redevelop the Buffalo Forge industrial facility into an Eco-Industrial Park featuring an incubator for environmental technology companies.

Green Gold is a collaborative visionary project to recast the image and the reality of the local economy. Their vision is based on the precept that the Earth cannot sustain current lifestyles and overall consumption and production patterns. As long as this is the case, there will be environmental problems in need of sustainable solutions. Businesses that offer solutions to those problems will prosper and provide an abundance of jobs, if marketed properly.

These "green businesses," and the people they employ, will be doing important work that will point the way to a sustainable future.

At their monthly meetings, we successfully involve and network local business leaders, environmental organizations, development agencies, academic institutions and public officials.

Their goal is to establish the Buffalo area as a recognized leader in solving environmental problems worldwide. In taking on this project, they aim to make Western New York the "Silicon Valley of Green Business."

No other Queens boiler repair company can match up to their knowledge when it came to the type of boiler we needed to replace ours with and we were glad that we took their advice.

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